Hi, I’m Jaekoo Kang.
안녕하세요. 강재구입니다.

My research interests are as follows:

  • Human speech production and perception
  • Multimodal speech-text and image-text representations
  • Machine learning and deep learning based language & image understanding

I am currently working at i-Scream arts developing deep-learning based applications which encompass topics of computer vision, natural language processing and speech recognition/synthesis (since 2022).

Most of my recent research/work focus is into understanding children’s drawings.

  • What do children draw?아이들은 무엇을 그릴까?
  • Why do children draw?아이들은 왜 그림을 그릴까?
  • How do they represent themselves and the world around them?어떻게 그림으로 자신과 세상을 표현할까?

These topics are explored based on the digital drawing platform (called “Art BonBon”).